Our Purpose:
The Flushing Camera Club (FCC) was organized in 1972 and continues to this day, as a way for the amateur as well as experienced photographers to meet and learn together.

Flushing Camera Club, By-Laws

Our Club Officers:
President: Richard DeDalto
Vice President: Andy Silver
Treasurer: Marty Fleischer
Secretary: Louise DeStefano
Committee Members:

Administration/Hospitality: Sheila Golden
Bernie Gellman, Richard DeDalto, Ken Whitehead, Dennis Golin
Programs/Education: Tony Sicliano, Joe Crupi, Michael Sender
Membership: Tony Coppeta, Mat Matsuyama, Sheila Golden
PFLI Competition:
Helen Repstad
IN Focus FCC Newsletter:
Joe Crupi editor, Ron Caldwell publisher
Website: Ron Caldwell, Andrew Silver, Tony Coppeta
Historian: Marty Flerscher
Additional Board Member: Dennis Golin

Accomplishments and History (click here)

The Photographic Federation of Long Island (PFLI)



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